Company Profile

Ms. Mei Chang had worked in Evergreen Group for eight years before she went to London for further postgraduate education. In 1991, she came back to Taiwan from U.K. and established Edgware Company, also focused on importing European foodstuffs to Taiwan, then building up a further market in China.

The main activities are as agents for Ornua Co-operative Limited's dairy products and Marigot Group's Aquamin™ seaweed powder (calcified seaweed),Irish seafoods ,brown seaweed ,Fish Protein Powder and Fish Calcium Powder, and Germany dairy products,as well as other healthy items such as oat powder from U.S.A.,and Yerba Mate from Paraguay etc.

Frankly speaking, she has been gaining the praise and appreciation from clients by her expertise and activity. From now on,we are intending to strengthen our foundation and involving to meet future challenges.